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Restore Your Smile With Full Or Partial Dentures

Restorative dental appliances that are used to replace one or more missing teeth, dentures have the ability to restore the look and function of your smile. At West Delray Smiles, we’ve seen countless patients benefit from these prostheses and if you’re missing one or more teeth, we’re happy to discuss whether dentures may be an option for you!

What Are Dentures And How Are They Made?

Dentures are composed of artificial teeth and a gum-colored base that’s custom crafted to fit your mouth. The base is designed to provide support while the artificial teeth help create a natural look.

What Types Of Dentures Are Available?

At West Delray Smiles, we offer both full and partial dentures. If you’re missing all of the teeth on an arch, a full denture can be used to replace them. For individuals who are missing one, two, or a few teeth, a partial denture is recommended.

What Is The Process For Having Dentures Made?

The process of receiving dentures begins with a consultation. During this initial appointment, we’ll discuss which type of denture is best for your mouth and explain the steps involved with having dentures made to suit your unique needs. We’ll then take impressions of your mouth and use them to create a model that determines the shape and size of your dentures.

Once the model is completed, your denture will be crafted. During this process, you may need to come in for several appointments to make adjustments and ensure that the fit is comfortable. Once your appliance is complete and we’ve determined that it fits well, we’ll discuss cleaning and maintenance instructions.

If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about dentures, contact West Delray Smiles today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you determine if dentures are right for you!

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  • Restore proper biting & chewing function
  • Regain lost self-esteem
  • Eat the foods you love again
  • Enhance your speech clarity
  • Prioritize your well-being!
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